Paul Seabridge

My name is Paul Seabridge. I am a global entrepreneur, published author, private investor & corporate advisor. I have almost two decades of business, mergers & acquisitions expertise across a vast array of sectors.

I am passionate about business, investing, buying and selling businesses. I am actively involved in SMEs (£1m-50m revenues) mainly in the UK were I am based but do get involved in Asia, Europe & North America. 

I own a Mergers, Acquisitions & Private Equity Firm were we help companies achieve scale by taking them public.  

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Ben Seabridge

I buy, sell and invest in businesses
I work with business owners facing problems & challenges to help them turn the fortunes of their business around for no upfront cost
I work with successful debt free businesses to create significant additional value (£250-5M on average)
I consider most sectors but most of my expertise and interests are in the UK recruitment, property related sectors (estate agents, mortgages for example) and service sectors.

Leonard Tannor

I am Leonard Tannor I am a merger and acquisition expert alongside being a business turnaround specialist. With over 8 years of experience, he is very interested in helping businesses be able to structure themselves to operate efficiently and actually grow. Therefore creating a lot more value for the business and its stakeholders. With the changing landscape it is important to ensure that businesses are focused on the right things, as opposed to all the noise that will enable the business to grow.

Yousef Mahmoud

Yousef Mahmoud a marketing and business development expert with over 15 years of commercial and business management experience. With Yousef’s lead the business has experienced much success and growth. Due to his extensive knowledge and diverse industry expertise in the Middle Eastern markets, Yousef has a proven track record of high professionalism, reliability and ethical value, which is an asset when handling business relations between prestigious middle eastern and international companies.